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Projects, Prospects and Potter…

OK… it’s been a few days (alright, about a week… lots of things going on) since my last update. My writing projects have been staggeringly sparse (in case you couldn’t tell)… I’ve been thinking a lot, just not putting pen to paper. I’ve been reading a lot, and watching a lot (of movies, granted), and trying to be social.

In other projects, I’ve finally gotten some of the “frequent public rooms” into a state of easy maintenance (or, at least into a routine to keep it simple)… and I have started testing the waters of the now infamous “back room” – the one that is supposed to be a guest room, but hasn’t been able to host a guest since the wedding (*cough* two *ahem* years ago *cough*). It is slow going (mostly, throwing my hands up in despair over the amount of stuff to go through… a lot of it mine, but requiring other things to be moved/dealt with first)… And there’s a bunch of things that I know I’m going to let go (a TON of vinyl, amazingly enough – records, not clothes – but I’m trying to stream the albums to convert them to MP3… at least the ones that I really think might be interesting to have (call me a music addict – I may not listen to it now, or for years to come, but if it will only take a few grains of sand, then what the hell, why not?)

Prospects – are interesting… I have several things on the burner (book wise, which contributes to inspiration, which will hopefully lead to writing and story ideas)… but also other things on the burner in other areas (some already mentioned)… and I’ll just leave them at that, for now…

Finally, Potter… Yes, I have finished the final book. Here’s my spoiler, if you are reading this without having finished the book – people live, people die, and there are several interesting plot twists and resolutions to and recycling of story elements that started way back in the series. In all, it was a very good book (however, when it comes time for the movie script to be done, I feel sorry for the poor soul having to write the script – too much in the book that just HAS to be addressed or screams to be shot [filmed] to be left out – that it will be a long movie…)

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Where I Talk About the Ride…

With cycling, often times the pleasure comes from just getting out and riding – cruising past the scenery and just having the chance to explore, and have fun at whatever pace the rider chooses. Well, driving can often be the same way… at least, it should be much the same. I plan on bridging that gap very soon. I plan on motoring!

Let’s back up a bit… Jenn and I had been looking for cars. Both of us drive (drove :o( ) SUVs, mine a 2WD Explorer Sport, and hers was a 4WD Blazer. Neither vehicle is great on gas mileage, with mine being the better of the two since it’s lighter. During the course of our hunting, one of the cars we looked at was a Mini Cooper (simply because there was one on the lot at the time). We talked about it a bit, and finally decided that “once we got some things paid off” and we were seriously looking at replacing a vehicle, we would look at a Mini.

Well, I’ve periodically been looking at the main site ( over the last few months, and emailing a dealer about some of the questions that have popped up. Finally, this past weekend, My sister and I popped to Virginia Beach (the closest Mini dealer to me) for a test drive and make the decision. (Actually, I had already made the decision, but it was more to the point of committing to ordering one.)

Now, I have very limited “manual” driving (having driven almost exclusively an automatic, outside of some scattered moments with some other family cars that were manuals), but my opinion is that to really enjoy the Mini experience (to “keep it real” if you will) it would have to be a manual. So, it has been ordered… all I have to do now is log some miles in a “manual transmission” car before I go to get it sometime near the end of August…

That’s when I’ll really start motoring…

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This is the hardest part about being a guy in today’s society – trying to really understand women. There is someone that I’ve been hanging out with (a lot) over the last couple of months, and I value her, most importantly as a friend and wonderful person, but damn if somewhere in all of that time, I’ve gotten about *this* close to falling for her.

The problem? I’m not 100% sure where she stands.

I know that, at the very least, there is a good friendship there (otherwise, we still wouldn’t be hanging out). I also know my situation is really weird, and I can appreciate it if she’s keeping a guarded position.

I’ve tried to be subtle about dropping hints that I like her, and I have received no fiery rebukes, but neither have I received any extreme signs of joy (I’m thinking I would really hate to play her in poker!)

Mentally, I’m torn between thinking about her (a lot – like, shortly after I wake up she’s usually the first thought, and quite regularly thoughout the day I’m wondering how her day is going and what she’s up to) and trying to not stress over it. We recently watched Hitch (while she was cleaning up some stuff in her apartment), and I soooo feel like the back part of the movie, where at times I’m miserable but loving every minute of it, and other times in heaven.

Any suggestions…? I’m about at the breaking point, where I want to take her someplace quiet, someplace neutral, tie on my blindfold after rolling a fesh cigarette, and stepping defianlty in front of the firing squad. If I get shot, then so be it, and if there’s a reprieve then even better – but at least there would be some direction to travel – towards closure and friendship, or towards something else.

All I need now, though, is some tobacco, and some rolling paper…

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A Reminder About Vices… and a few others…

I get it… I REALLY need to stay away from a Barnes & Nobles for, like, at least a year… maybe longer. “But,” the litte red-clad voice whispers, “what about the other series that you will want to continue. Grafton’s books, and the McCourt’s, and the others that you’ve sampled and know you will want to visit the rest of their cannon?” Will, I actually pull of the self-imposed exile, I doubt it. I enjoy roaming too much, and know too many other people that will want to go… I just need to curb the reading of so many covers to helb curb the “library purchases”.

During another recent trip, this time with my parent-in-laws, I got a few more works… authors I had heard about, but not yet read, and some others that just looked interesting. Here’s the list:

All Will Be Revealed – Robert Anthony Siegel
Season of the Witch – Natasha Mostert
The Russian Concubine – Kate Furnivall
McCarthy’s Bar – Pete McCarthy (A travel memoir about Ireland)
Another Day in the Frontal Lobe – Katrina Firlik (written by a Neurosurgeon)
The Piano Tuner – Daniel Mason
Atonement; On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan

Of the list, Ian McEwan was the only name I really recognized before the purchase, and I selected the two books for a simple reason – Atonement won a lot of awards, and Chesil Beach was his newest work. The rest were all based on the reading of the covers.

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