Slight Changes – Movies

For those that have been following my “Recently Viewed” listing, I’ve made a couple of small changes. You may notice (now), and will continue to see a “key” to designate some of the movies on the list.

I am only designating “premium” viewings – either those seen in the theater, or that I have received from a subscription service. I’m not sweating the designation of movies seen on TV/cable channels, that are in personal collections, or other people have ordered – if I’ve paid for it, I’m listing it. With that said, the “T” stands for “Theatre”, and anything designated with an “N” is from “Netflix”… and will cover any other services, should I decide to add or change to them in the future.

I do have some TV series that I will cycle through my Netflix queue, so I may make some notes (as posts) as I cycle through them… or I might not (honestly, it all depends on how I’m struck by the shows, and any affiliated hype)

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