Say "Good-bye", Mr. Chips…

I just learned some *sad* news. Sad from the perspective of history, and reflecting on the “good ol’ days”… nothing horribly earth-shattering and monumental in the grand scheme of my everyday life, but still profound to bring a few sniffles from the gaming geek that is still off someplace, shopping for more dice, painting miniatures, and churning through pads of graph paper while drawing layer upon layer of ruins for possible future use.

Dungeon and Dragon magazines will cease to exist (in print form) in August. While I have been out of touch with the gaming industry (the last time I actually bought anything related to traditional RPG’s/D&D was at least five years ago, and the last time I actually rolled dice in a game session was at least that long ago), both magazines were staples while I was playing.

Dungeon was a great way to get several modules (mini-adventures) in one shot, or to examine how some adventures were put together – or just to scavenge for ideas! I didn’t always get the latest issues, but the fact that it was always there, always an option, was a wonderful thing.

Dragon, however, is a harder loss to hear. Through its years, there were rule variations, new magic items, sometimes new monsters (or explorations of older monsters!), and just a wealth of possible tools and ideas to make the gaming sessions more interesting. The other side that makes it difficult to hear, is that Dragon included a short story in almost every issue (at least, it did when I was regularly getting it). For years, that was one of my goals and desires – that one day I would submit (and, eventually, sell) a story to the magazine.

Years ago, Dragon was released in a compilation package (the first 250 issues on CD)… It would be nice if they did an updated release, providing all of the printed issues, for both Dragon or Dungeon magazines… great for nostalgia, as well as the random information and ideas to really mess with the head of the gaming group!

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