Recap and Fast Forward…

It is Monday… the weather is fine, and all else seems to be fine with the world. Except for a few minor points. The most significant point is, well, that it’s Monday (and I have long sided with a lasagna eating tabby in the disposition of, “Mondays… I hate Mondays.”)… The less obvious point… today would be a great day for a birthday party… or even a quiet dinner out – celebrating someone turning 27.

But enough depression – each day is a new day (even if it is a Monday) – and there’s no way (yet) to turn back the sands of time… reflecting is ok, but dwelling can get dangerous.

Time for the recap: I dog-sat this weekend, threw a party, and did some sorting (and reading).

Reading: As can be noticed, I have finished Heart Shaped Box, and decided to progress to the often discussed (but, admittedly, I’ve actually never read) The Great Gatsby. Not too bad, so far (at two chapters through)…

Admittedly, I went with it due to its length – having only read eight books (ideally, I should be through at least ten if I were staying on target with my reading goal… through thirteen by the end of June to be on even pace. I figured a bit of a shorter work could help me catch up a bit before the end of the month.

Sorting: I go back many years with some things. Not the least of which is card collecting, although I have gotten out of quite a bit of it (I have loads of basketball cards that are just sitting in boxes, languishing in their idleness, remembering days when I could actually tell someone who the players were, or the rough value for the better cards.

My senior year of High School, a friend named Jon got me into these other cards. They were collectible, but they were also designed to have games played with them. This was 1994, and the fledgling craze that would become Magic: The Gathering was in the Revised set. He had stacks of cards, and we put some decks together (stacks, actually, since the rules were rather open – plus we were still green to the idea of a finely tuned, themed deck)… and I was hooked. I played somewhat regularly in college with some other guys in ROTC, and it became amusing for me to discover folks (after I had weened myself from buying boxes and boxes of cards) that were just getting into the game.

I remember one time, when I was working at a furniture store, that a couple of the electronics staff had “discovered” the game. At one point, when I was walking to the back of the store for some reason (check on something in the warehouse, get a drink… who knows, now). At this point, the game was in its fourth or fifth edition. I commented on the game, and they looked at me with the surprised expression of, “Oh, you know about this?” I offered to bring my cards, if they wanted to look through them for possible trade/purchase, and they were even more surprised when I brought back a box – not just any box (for those of you that know card storage boxes), but a “paper” box. Get a case of printer paper from an office supply store, then fill that with various size count boxes… THAT was my collection (some eight years ago).

Well, I’ve always picked up a pack here, and a pack there from newer sets, just to see some of what was going on, but recently, I slipped back into some old habits, and got a box from each set of the most recent expansion (Time Spiral)… After they had been staring at me from under my desk for over a month, I finally decided to start breaking open packs and see what was there… I sorted (completely) through two of the boxes, and managed to make it most of the way through the third over the weekend (sorted by color, but I still need to finish, to discover how many of what cards I ended up with. And, coming soon, the “Tenth” edition…

The Party: I had been thinking about it for weeks… After Jenn passed, one of the things her mother mentioned was that she still wanted there to be parties and fun stuff going on up at the house – to open things up and have fun… a great way to honor Jenn.

I had folks over for dinner last Sunday – 10 June- (and I feel like a heel, not having mentioned it before) – a former coworker and his wife, and a lady-friend that I’ve been seeing/hanging-out-with *gasp* for almost two months (who also happens to be the couple’s neighbor). Things went well, then, and I am crediting that as my “reopening” of the house…

Anyway, I had an “old friends” party this past Saturday (16 June) for “the gang” – the folks that Jenn and I (mostly Jenn’s people from high school) would run with. We had dinner and just hung out, talked, watched movies, and just chilled out. Of course, the other side to my planning for the party was as a mini-birthday party for Jenn…

Sitting: The previously mentioned lady-friend has a dog – a cute cocker-pomeranian mix that is the right size to be a lap dog – and has the good temperment of a lap dog as well. While the friend was in Raleigh for a wedding, I was taking care of her dog… and the dog became very popular – the in-laws liked her, and everyone at the party was talking about her. I kept her seperated from the rest of “the brood”, to make sure there would be no issues. All in all, a very easy keep for the weekend.

So that’s my weekend recap… and now the fast-forward section.

This weekend is the Rush concert (going to the Virginia Beach show) – marking my third Rush show (all of them in Virginia Beach). I’m also taking my sister and nephews (it will be my sister’s 2nd show – she last saw them on the Roll the Bones tour, and my nephew’s first real concert). Busch Gardens on Saturday, and then I get to help my sister-in-law move to Raleigh from Virginia next Monday. Fun, fun! But I have three more days to chill, and then I get to kick into some summer fun!!!

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