In Which I Specify the Damages…

I mentioned a few days ago that bookstores (specifically the local B&N) are dangerous places for me. Last night was another example of that. I’ve been pondering a Mini Cooper for about a year, and where I work, someone is selling a “vintage” style Mini (1980, canary yellow, with a Euro-style setup – steering wheel on the right!), so I stopped by B&N to see if there was any kind of listing (NADA guide) to let me know what a reasonable price might be… And, of course, no listing could be found (it only listed the “new” Minis – since 2002).

In the process, since I had no other pressing things to do, I roamed… and roaming is the dangerous part! I added about eight more books to the “To Read One Day” list… bringing the one week total of acquired books to somewhere near twenty. Yes, that was twenty (20) books bought in one (1) week. Seven days. Over the course of three visits. And this is on top of the stack of books that I already had assembled to work through.

So, while I don’t have a list of the books already on the stack, here’s the list of ones that I acquired over these recent visits, albeit in no particular order.

F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby (And, no, I’ve never actually read it before.)
Neil Gaiman – Smoke & Mirrors, and Neverwhere
William Goldman – The Princess Bride
Stephen King – Everything’s Eventual (Another of his story collections.)
Eric Garcia – Casual Rex, and Anonymous Rex (As a 2-in-1 combo book.)
Kate Moss – Labyrinth
Michael Blaine – The Midnight Band of Mercy
Chuck Palahniuk – Fight Club
Kevin Brockmier – A Brief History of the Dead
TC Boyle – Inner Circle
W Somerset Maughan – Cakes & Ale, and The Painted Veil
Sheri Holmon – The Dress Lodger
Simon Mower – The Gospel of Judas
Irene Nemirovsky – Suite Francaise

And, I also got two “writing” themed books – Writer’s Guide to Poisons, and Writer’s Book of Matches… for ideas and references at some point down the road. These last two won’t likely be read cover to cover in one stretch, but bits and pieces over time, mostly as needed for projects.

A pretty eclectic mix, and virtually all fiction. I was thinking about it last night… since I have a list already of about twelve (12) books already to work through (several of which were ones that Jenn had started, but never finished 😦 ), I figure this puts me at about thirty (30) books. Even if (really, really big if) I can manage a book a week, I figure it will still be February before I clear the stack… Most likely, it will be about this time next year…

Now, I just have to stay away from a bookstore until then… or at least not get anything.

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