Here’s a random thought for the morning… I should consider dentistry as a hobby. I’m serious – with the effort that it takes to cradle the patients that come through our facilities – it’s like pulling teeth!

Many will call in with a vary vague purpose – to schedule an appointment, or get a prescription refill – but don’t know what clinic they are supposed to be going to, or what drugs they are supposed to be taking (“I don’t know the name, and I’ve already thrown the bottle out. By the way, it’s my blood pressure pill and my insulin and I’ve been out both for a couple of days. So despite the fact that you ask for up to seventy-two hours to process prescriptions, and it’s currently 4:45 on a Friday afternoon, before a three-day weekend, is there any way you can have that called in today?”)…

So, we go through all of the hoops, and ask all of the questions imaginable for their situation (often repeating them several times since the patient is usually only half paying attention, and also depending on the specific line that was called in the first place)… and it often boils down to the patient having the information (as is the case with a lot of appointment requests) in their hand as to which office they need to speak with, but taking five minutes for them to figure out the text of the letter (especially when they initially want to deny that the information is there).

Dentistry… pulling teeth… gah!!!

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