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The weekend was brutal – not so much in a bad way, as it just was. My wife and I had often talked about taking my nephews to Williamsburg, and some of the other spots in that part of Virginia. With my sister-in-law getting ready to move away from there for another job, the window of opportunity to have a ready guide to the area has started to shrink.

So I called and arranged a trip for this past weekend. And I got beat…

Friday – was a good day – and once my sister and nephews arrived, we took of for the Virginia border, and managed to make it to the in-law’s a little after 10:30 that night… but it was after midnight before we went to bed – and I slept on one of the couches.

Saturday – we were up early (just after 8) and began the adventure. We hit part of old Yorktown (down by the river), Colonial Williamsburg and part of William & Mary campus, then over to Jamestown (the state park, not the National park). After a late lunch, we did a round trip ferry ride that took us past both Jamestown parks, before we wound down the evening with a little shopping at some pf the outlets, and then calling it a night after Snow Cones for dessert back in Yorktown.

Sunday – the weather was blah. It rained most of the morning, but we swung over towards the southern end/Norfolk area for a stop by the mall there, and well as swinging by (literally – a drive by) of the Maritime museum area before heading back to the apartment to get ready to come home.

We made good time, despite periods of heavy rain (wipers on full, and STILL having issues seeing the road). After arriving home, and everybody else leaving, I got cleaned up and went to viewing. I was going in support of a lady friend of mine who lost a cousin last week.

After all of that – two nights on a couch, and three nights of being up/out late, my body has taken a pretty good beating – it’s taken me until the afternoon to really start getting a “second wind”… so I’m trying to recover, but it will honestly be a few days before I really get the opportunity, thanks to a schedule of activities outside of work…

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