Random Songs…

Reflecting a bit on yesterday’s Meme (where I mentioned the fact that I’ve listened to probably WAY to much music)… it’s funny how weird the mind works. The office that I work in is generally quiet (aside from the ticking of keyboard keys being pressed, the clicks of mouse-buttons, and the conversations with patients and other clients calling in for refills or to be connected to different areas of the facility.

No music.

Aside from a random cell phone ring, or if someone visits a site (but generally, with volume at a low roar so it doesn’t carry too far), no music, whatsoever.

And I bring you this notion as to how random the mind can be. Usually, the phenomenon is that the last song you hear is the one that sticks with you. Today, however, that just isn’t the case. I’ve been spinning Rush’s Snakes & Arrows almost non-stop since I got it (in the truck, and for a while, even in the house), and was actually listening to it during a lunchtime nap.

But, what led me to write this, is that I had Tenacious D’s Wonderboy – which I haven’t listened to in quite a while, and I had Limp Bizkit’s Phenomenon pop in my head as I was typing that word earlier. And other songs had flittered through, now forgotten to the aethers, preceeding them… and it’s been like that all day. It actually is quite funny to me, because it allows me to laugh at myself, as the tunes are rolling through my mind, and I’m rocking along to the beat in my head…

Weird, huh? But it’s a wonderful diversion, sometimes!

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