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I have been tagged for this meme – list 8 things about myself – by Elizabeth. I am supposed to list eight things about me and then tag eight others to continue the meme, however, I don’t follow a lot of other blogs, so I don’t have the network of fellow bloggers (yet) to continue the tagging. Anyway, here goes, in no specific order, and varied detail.

1) I am male, aged 30. Brunette with grey flecks, and a tint of red if I grow out my goatee.

2) If you’ve read anything else here, you’ve probably noticed that I am a widower, after just shy of two years of marriage (and right at eight years together). That’s part of the motivation for the Jennifer Project.

3) I am a Rush fan. I have the enitre catalog of albums (except Gold… which is basically the same as Chronicles and Retrospectives 1&2 – and I just don’t see the point of buying it because there was a change of one or two tracks with the new release). I also have most of the major side projects (albums), as well as Neil’s books, and both drumming DVDs, and all of the concert DVDs. I have been to the last two tours, and getting ready for this years Snakes & Arrows tour. Actually… let me clarify my position… I more of a Rush geek, especially considering I’m really the only in my main group of friends that “gets it”.

4) I am a music freak… Now let me clarify. I listen to just about anything, and I like exploring different musical roots (despite the fact that for general recreational listening I am usually listening to rock, AOR, or mainly just anything with a really solid rhythm section)… While I can respect, for the sake of “art” the Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B and Pop that has come to dominate much of the current music scene, I tend to take things more on a individual song basis, instead of searching things out (if I hear it and like it, great, I might try something else)… but a lot of things just seem to sound the same now… I have projects of converting vinyl to MP3, and already have a mammoth collection to begin with (um… over 50 gig of converted albums/downloaded songs… not to mention selected audiobooks and other media)…

5) Did I mention music? I’ve played a variety of things (though none of them truly well, thanks to not starting some of them until late in life) – Trumpt, Baritone, Tuba and Pit Percussion (all by graduating High School). In college, I began tinkering with the guitar (acoustic & electric… but mostly acoustic), piano, bass guitar and drums. Thanks to my wife, I’ve also been drawn into the handbell choir at church (with the caveat of trading my participation for bass lessons from the director).

6) Goofball. I have watched a lot of TV, read a lot of books, seen a lot of music, and listened to a lot of music – and somewhere retained a lot of that information. As such, I have a lot of different points of reference, and remember things at random times, based on random things in a conversation, and crack myself up. Or I’ll quote moves and shows, based on the flowing conversation. Or I just riff on issues with (shifting) accents. During a job interview, when asked why I should be the person chosen for the job (running a Cold Stone), I struggled for a moment, but ultimately made this statement. “Yes, I am generally reserved and quiet. But I have a goofy streak.” I explained the basics of what I have already listed above. I got the job.

7) I’ve been around the block a few times… and I don’t mean THAT way. I’ve travelled around the states, but I’ve only been on one “international” adventure. I’ve also done a variety of jobs through college.

8) Speaking of college… I’ve been around one of those for a while, too. I have a BA in English (Creative Writing), with a Theatre minor. I went back and also got a BS in Hospitality Management, which required a Business Administration minor, and I also continued the Theatre degree. (So, I am two classes short of three – 3 – undergraduate degrees!!) And I’m getting ready to go back for a Master’s.

9) I received an Honorable Discharge (medical) from USAF Reserves. I was in ROTC in college, and the discharge was based on events in my last semester (right as I was getting ready to commission). As part of my time in ROTC, however, I attended (& graduated) from Feild Training in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX and CST (Combat Survival Training) at the USAF Academy, Colorado Springs.

10) If I know someone, and they need something, I try to do what I can for them. It’s just part of me… if someone gets into the “inner circle”, I do just about anything (within certain legal, ethical or moral standards) for them.

And, one more for the road, since I’m not able to pass the tag on…

11) I am a full “Spirit of 76” child…

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