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Giving a Damn…

So, here’s a random philosophy-styled question… How does (or, at what point should) one go about telling/letting someone else know that they give a damn about them? The concern here is wanting to make sure someone knows there is an interest, but not too soon to freak them out, or wait too long to lose a shot with them?

Case in point: When I met my wife, there was actually someone else from the class that wanted to ask her out, too. I just happened to beat him to asking her out by about a week, but it took me a while to get up the nerve. While I felt very comfortable with her rather quickly, it was a couple of months before I felt truly comfortable (enough to use the “L” phrase in conversations with her… you know, “I Love You”). And it was another couple of months before she fully clicked over… (For more details, check out the Jennifer Project for stories…)

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