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Well, it looks like it will be an interesting summer, especially since there will be a LOT of thirds…

So, I’ve already seen Spiderman 3 and Shrek 3, with Pirates due out this weekend (Ogres and Spiders and Pirates, oh my!)… and both were good, but there were moments that I just kind of felt, “meh.” Now, don’t misunderstand me – there were SEVERAL moments in Shrek 3 that I just couldn’t help but laugh, especially at some of the more subtle moments (like the Queen, voiced by Julie Andrews, humming a few bars of “My Favorite Things”).

Now, Pirates is not yet out, but for the first two (Spidey & Shrek) I am now concerned for the franchises, and apparantly the door has been left open for more Pirate movies, as well. I am not quite sure where Shrek & Spiderman can go, and go well. (That is, ideas abound, but to be able to put together a quality story could be a stretch at this point… for now.) Pirates I can see as a bit more plausible, since they could spin stories backwards or forwards from the movies (theoretically – like Star Wars – back story on Capt. Jack, etc.) – I mean, they have enough characters they could work with, but I still don’t know quite how well it would work out.

But there are other movies that I am looking forward to – Transformers, Bourne Ultimatum, Order of the Phoenix and Ratatouille are four that top my list, but there are several other ones that look like they may be pretty good (but, alas, previews are sometimes years before the movies now – like Happy Feet, and Ratatouille). So in all, it will be a wild summer for movies.

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