I survived last night’s work episode. When I got home last night, I started a new book while waiting for some laundry to spin. Since I still needed to be in at the regular time today (by 8am), which means being up early (alarms starting around 6am), I called it a night shortly after midnight. Laundry was still spinning in the washer and tumbling in the dryer.

This one looks like it may be an interesting read… back along the lines of Stephen King, with a modern punk edge (based on the references in the text – the lead character is a fifty-something rocker, with an image along the lines of Judas Priest-meets-Ozzy, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson). There are also a lot of shorter chapters for tempo changes (a couple of them are around one or two pages, with a few that look like they may be only one or two paragraphs. I made it through about twenty pages or so before calling it a night, and I’m already stoked to get back to it – I was just getting into the section where the hook and started working its magic.

I’m happy that I spent some time writing last night, but I need to make myself sit and write more often if I want to develop my skills. Hell, at this rate, it feels like I just need to lock myself to a desk if I want to get something finished.

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