Rest and Recovery

Despite getting out early yesterday, we spent a lot of time in town, not getting home until after 9pm. It was good for my wife, I think, because she was able to spend some time with one of her cousins and also around the horses (which she has barely seen since “the incident”).

On a happier note, as far as the reading front goes, I am happy to report that I am trying to make some headway towards making up for the ridiculous amount of time that it took me to read my last book (disclaimer – it was not a bad book, I just let myself get sidetracked for over a month before picking it back up). Yesterday alone I spun through about 130 pages (the fact that the book is built to be read that way doesn’t hurt, either), dropping me at the 260 page range, and leaving me about 300 pages to go.

I have three more books stacked, waiting to be read after this one – and one of those is the start of a series (so, if I like it, then I can start working through the series – which has about twenty books in it so far…)

I need to write, however… those projects have been languishing in abandonment, staring at me with droopy eyes, though chain link fences from inside their concrete kennels. Faint whimpers and moans echo from their cages as they clamor and yip for attention as people walk past, as if to say, “Pick me! Pick me!”

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