Sites and Sounds on a Wednesday…

Ah, the sweet smell of Wednesday. After my bummer weekend (a really bad Friday night, and an equally lost Saturday – low grade fever and general “blah” feeling with aches that kept me in bed for most of the day), the new one is on the horizon, ready for more cleaning, reading and writing… among other things if time permits!

I will be leaving early today, so there will be much rejoicing in a few hours 🙂

Funny thing about the internet… you get used to bookmarks, and visiting sites, but when you KNOW that things are going on, it is easy to get a little frustrated at a lack of change on the sites (a point I try to defuse by aiming for at least some form of schedule… it helps for readers to know there is a plan, sometimes).

Within the last couple of days, I tried going to my friend Ben’s site, off of my bookmark/favorites list, and I got the generic “good idea for a site name” garbage page. But today, I manage to get through… probably a server issue at the time I was trying to pull up the page.

Being a music fan, I have my preferences – I’m a rock guy by initial preference, but I want things with variety. (Example – I like AC/DC, but after a while I have to find something else because it all starts sounding the same… same key/chords/range, vocals hardly change so I just get bored and start tuning it out.) One of my prefered groups is Rush, and I am happy to see that there is a new album due out in a couple of months, with tour to follow (yeah!)…

Anyway, I have been regularly checking Neil Peart’s site for any other updates on the album’s process & progress, only to see his words from December. The Rush site has a teaser sample of the first single that should be out this month, but otherwise little news. Of course, when things ARE finally posted, I’m sure the rest us us rabid fans will be right there listening to each other and reading the information, foaming at the mouth as we plan which shows to attend.

On a side note, Neil also lists a “recommended reading” section on his site, which could be a useful place to discover some new works to explore.

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