Monday Was Blah!

I thought about a post yeterday evening, while I was at home, but ultimately decided against turning on the computer. Sue me! 😉

Daytime: The weather started at a cool temp yesterday morning. Through the course of the day, the temperature rose to a very comfortable high-60s, if not very close to 70 degrees. My wife returned to work yesterday (her first day back since the Great Break). It was good to ride with her and have lunch with her again… it was a simple pleasure that was missed while she was out.

As I was headed to the car, I received a call from my mother-in-law: a package that we (my wife and I) had been expecting was delivered. My wife had ordered a drumming video for me from ebay for Valentine’s Day. She won the item on the 14th, but with her hospital stay, it took a few days before we could handle the payment for the item (just sitting at a computer long enough!) I spent much of the night after getting home watching parts of the video, before reading and bedtime.

Both yesterday afternoon and this morning were “training days” – where the same individual that has now been here for two months, but is not quite coherent enough to be on their own. It has been a bit frustrating for the “vetrans” of the office since we have to adjust our schedules to still hold the hands and guide them with the system – when most of us were fully on our own after two months! So that has been the fun at work, and why my “training day” posts have usually been very brief.

So, I’ve gotten the new video, am happy to say I have started reading a new book (finally), and have my wife riding to work with me again. Happy times, that are due to be getting better – especially once I start plowing through some of the projects that have been haunting me for a few days!

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