A New Month!

Now that March has arrived, there is a new buzz going ’round. Spring will be here soon, and there will soon be an earlier day (courtesy of the change in Daylight Savings). I am able to report a little more than yesterday, as I am not having to train this afternoon (yeah!).

My wife has an appointment tomorrow – hopefully she will be able to get her cast, despite being classified as “non-weight bearing” for a few more weeks. She’s been anxious for some stability, and to get out of the house – there’s only so much “Anna Nichole” drama that one can stand in one day – let alone the last two weeks!

I have not finished my currently active book (Ceasar’s Way), but I have been making headway in the book. Hopefully, I should be able to finish either tonight or tomorrow. I am looking forward to changing that part of the site after it’s been there for almost two months. Two months! I already have four more books lined up and ready to go… I’m thinking the next one will be Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. I figure, I’ve read DaVinci, may as well go back to the first book in the series.

Be on the lookout for a few new items. I’ve been considering adding a “Routine” field… links to my daily routine and websites that I regularly visit. Consider it a little bit of insight while I can still have some fun 😉

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