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Wounded Returns… Explaining the silence.

Hello, all!

It is with a pained heart that I return to my posting – the last two weeks (note the gap!) have been as close to a personal hell as I want to get. When people get married, it is accepted and understood that the day will eventually arrive when someone will pass away and the partner will have to continue on. On 12 March, 2007, my wife and better half passed away due to a pulmonary embolism (“throwing a clot” as the jargon goes) – a side effect of her broken leg. The next few weeks will undoubtably be some of the roughest – our first date was on 1 April 1999, and our wedding annivarsary would be on 16 April… this would be our second anniversary.

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I survived last night’s work episode. When I got home last night, I started a new book while waiting for some laundry to spin. Since I still needed to be in at the regular time today (by 8am), which means being up early (alarms starting around 6am), I called it a night shortly after midnight. Laundry was still spinning in the washer and tumbling in the dryer.

This one looks like it may be an interesting read… back along the lines of Stephen King, with a modern punk edge (based on the references in the text – the lead character is a fifty-something rocker, with an image along the lines of Judas Priest-meets-Ozzy, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson). There are also a lot of shorter chapters for tempo changes (a couple of them are around one or two pages, with a few that look like they may be only one or two paragraphs. I made it through about twenty pages or so before calling it a night, and I’m already stoked to get back to it – I was just getting into the section where the hook and started working its magic.

I’m happy that I spent some time writing last night, but I need to make myself sit and write more often if I want to develop my skills. Hell, at this rate, it feels like I just need to lock myself to a desk if I want to get something finished.

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The last…

For tonight… I finished logging just over six hundred words towards the Call Center project. I’ve figured I’m just trying to tell the basic story, now, and I will come back to add some of the extra flesh during the second draft. At the same time, I’m trying to make it up as I go, which I’m finding can be a little on the tedious side.

I’m probably creating some holes for myself that I will have to go back and fix, but that’s what rewrites are for, right?

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Another One…

Damn… second attempt… I did something that deleted what I had previously typed, and “Ctrl+Z” was not any help to recover the information…

Anyway, I just finished the last hundred pages, bringing my reading count up to four books. My estimates figure about two weeks per book in order to have a fighting chance to make my goal. If I get some time, and a hold of another couple of books like A (maybe, like B, C, or D), then I might just put myself ahead of the game… no wouldn’t that be nice?

If I can finish off two more books by the end of the month, I’ll be right back on track.

Now, it is almost 7pm. I have another four hours (and change). This would be plenty of time to start another book (if I had one), or what I am more looking into – working on my own book!

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Yes, Sunday. This is one of those weird moments where I am actually working on the weekend. Geez, I haven’t done this since right before I started (back in August!). There were some issues here in the office that meant someone wasn’t able to work, and everyone ELSE that could have also (rather, WOULD have) worked was otherwise committed (either already working that day, coming in early the next morning, or going out of town for a conference). So, it boiled down to me and someone else being the only two that could work, so I figured I may as well take it (hey, it means getting OT. Granted, I think I would actually rather have comp time to use later, money is money – and you don’t generally scoff at money!)

I finished Angels & Demons on Friday night (after a short marathon session) around 1:30am, and started on the current read (Sue Grafton’s A) the next morning. So far, I’ve read about 200+ pages (after spending most of Saturday in the book). I think it’s safe to say that I will probably be working on getting this series from the library and trying to work my way through it as part of my reading goals for the year. My understanding is that phones are genertally pretty quiet on the weekends so I stand a good chance of actually finishing the book today (as I write this, it is currently about 3:30pm, and I am here until about 11pm tonight).

Of course, I also have some of my routine (already done, by now) that I can do, as well as adopt a whimpering project, and try to nurse it for a time this evening. Who knows, I may actually find myself adding another post (maybe some experimentation with the blog) later!?

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A steady, but quiet day. We’ve been short someone for the last two days, so some of the otherwise “quiet, writing time” has been spent fielding the extra calls. Between that and training I’ved been getting a little frustrated (albeit, at times frustrated with myself for just not forcing myself to write something towards an active project).

On the reading front – I’m down to about 230 pages to go… not bad mileage for about one week spent reading. Trying to make up for the lost time (if I can)…

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Rest and Recovery

Despite getting out early yesterday, we spent a lot of time in town, not getting home until after 9pm. It was good for my wife, I think, because she was able to spend some time with one of her cousins and also around the horses (which she has barely seen since “the incident”).

On a happier note, as far as the reading front goes, I am happy to report that I am trying to make some headway towards making up for the ridiculous amount of time that it took me to read my last book (disclaimer – it was not a bad book, I just let myself get sidetracked for over a month before picking it back up). Yesterday alone I spun through about 130 pages (the fact that the book is built to be read that way doesn’t hurt, either), dropping me at the 260 page range, and leaving me about 300 pages to go.

I have three more books stacked, waiting to be read after this one – and one of those is the start of a series (so, if I like it, then I can start working through the series – which has about twenty books in it so far…)

I need to write, however… those projects have been languishing in abandonment, staring at me with droopy eyes, though chain link fences from inside their concrete kennels. Faint whimpers and moans echo from their cages as they clamor and yip for attention as people walk past, as if to say, “Pick me! Pick me!”

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