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And all has been going well, despite being cold here. I got some work done on cleaning out my back room and office last night. I’m trying to push out some words this morning before I move back to the “Trainer” role this afternoon, now that I’ve completed my morning “routine”.


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Stupid people…

God bless them, but I really get frustrated and, for lack of a better word, pissed off at stupid people. I’m not talking about “challenged” individuals – I’m talking about otherwise normal, fully functioning people that are out in the daily world and just decide to wear their asses on their shoulders.

Case in point: I had a caller that I was trying to get information from, to make sure that I sent the correct notes to the doctor’s office. Anytime I asked the caller a question, I would get an “I don’t know” or “The doctor did it last year. My pharmacy told me to call my doctor.” As I kept asking questions, to make sure I fully understood the situation, and repeating what I had (in good performance and protocol) to make sure I had the documentation right, the caller would get shorter and shorter, talking over me and basically being a t-total… well, you know.

I called her out on it when she started getting extremely vocal. She said it was how I was treating her… Lady, sometimes you get what you give. Unfortunately, some people don’t always get what they may need. What she needed a swift kick in the ass… obviously she hadn’t had one in a while.

And it’s Wednesday afternoon… the rest of the week is downhill from here!

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"Tuesday’s Gone"…

Ah… one of the rare Skynard references that I may make…

I was training someone again yesterday afternoon, and left early. By the time that I remembered I had not done a post, I was home and well into the project of cleaning my office (finishing one project that had been started, so I could start on the NEXT pile of things to be gone through…) – consider it “pre-spring” spring cleaning (a few years overdue, but hey, I’m trying to get rid of crap that I don’t need to have now, right?)

I HAVE put a few more words down on my “Call Center” project, but not enough to mean it will be completed soon… but words have been added!

I will be training someone this morning, and will be solo (again) this afternoon… I’m going to try and add some more words before leaving early again, today.

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Welcome to the first Monday in February! Here (being Eastern NC) it has finally gotten to be the regular “winter” weather that had been missing for much of the December and January (read: the cold has arrived!)

Yesterday was a good day (except for Bears fans), and the weekend went fairly well. I helped some friends finish moving, and did some work with the local cycling club on the mountain bike trail.

Otherwise, my godd intentions for writing were again shoved aside. I need to quit doing that so often if I have any hope to get my projects done and meet some of my writing goals.

*sigh* Fortunately, I don’t have the trainee with me this afternoon, so I can log some time! (Now, I just need to log the words)

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Can You Say…?

OK. Here is my “steam blowing” moment. You see this word: “m-o-d-u-l-e” on a piece of paper. Can you pronounce it? Module – sounding like “mah-jool”. For instance, for those gamers old enough to remember when they were published in abundance, the context would be something like, “Have you seen/gotten/heard about the new module for [insert favorite game world here]?”

When you hear “modular” what do you think about? Homes, most likely. Or something that can be easily changed around.

As I have said, I work for a call center for a medical facility – I take calls an route them to the appropriate clinic, or help people with their questions. What gets to me though, and this is my raving tangent, is the abundance of people that can spell the word off of a piece of paper, but when it comes to pronouncing the word “module” either butcher the word completely (like making it sound like “moe-duhl” or something worse) or adding an “-ar” the the end (“can ytou connect me to modular…”). It gets even more entertaining when people butcher the first half, and then add the “-ar”.

I guess our patients are not seen in an eight story, brick building that was built in the 70’s. They are seen in shiny, factory built homes that are either shipped to location assembled or assembled on site.

Just a tangent, and expression of disappointment at how low some of the education has gotten, or lazy the people have gotten – as often times it is the younger generation that butcher as badly (or worse) than any of the other callers. (I can understand older patients adding the “-ar”, a bit more than the younger crowd). And, to be perfectly clear – this is an issue that crosses gender and race… so I am not trying to profile or point fingers… I just get tired of the butchering of language every-so-often, and need to vent.

“Now, it’s time for a break down.” (cue your favorite music as we go to something more fun… 🙂

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Hey, how about this! FOUR posts in a single day!

We are all creatures of habit – from the things that we do every day, including our foods (what we eat, and from which restaurants), our clothes, and even our words that we use (right, um, like, ya’know?)

I say this as I have developed a pretty easy routine for my days (at least, it was easy until we started the new year and had some pretty aggressive training going on trying to get the two new folks in the office ready for their own desks).

My comment in an earlier post about Wil Wheaton is intentional… as cheking out WWdN is part of my routine. I pop over to his blog, and that of someone I went to school with a few years ago while I was an undergrad – he was a grad student. Of all of the other people that I had been in writing classes with, for some reason his was the only name that seemed to stick with me (weird, since the only time we ever talked was during the class, which only met one night a week…)

I also check my email (four active accounts that I check regularly, and two others that I check about once a month just to keep active. I check my bank accounts for any processed transactions, and maybe do a little surfing to check up on some news or entertainment stories. I also play the word games at USA Today (the short ones – I had been doing the crosswords and Soduku, but gave them up as I would often end up working on them for well over an hour or so (depending on call volume)).

Usually, after doing all of that, half of the morning has passed, and I settle into my chair to begin working on my stories or other projects. Lately, however, I have spent more time doing extra reading (following Wikipedia links about something I was just reading, etc.) and just getting lost, or plugging away at a few words, but only able to knock out a couple of paragraphs every few days.

My work routine has been thrown off track, and my post-work routine is more of a guideline, as each day and each week is a little bit different (read: plan something, but end up taking longer to do them it than planned, or getting side-tracked in recreational activities at the house – (just one more try at this level… well, just one more, now. Um, I know I said thirty minutes ago that was going to be my last attempt, but this will really be my last one, honest!)

But we each follow our own routines… I’ve told you most of mine, now think about yours…

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Potter, porn (?) and productivity…

1) Hurrah! The publication date for Potter 7 has finally been announced (July – if you haven’t heard yet, go to to read up on the specifics). Consider me a bit of a goober-head in that respect, but the series has done well, and has been one that I have enjoyed reading. If you don’t like it… Too Bad… and nener-nener!

2) Porn… or more to the point, percieved images. I figure since I’m mentioning the last Potter book, I might as well mention something about the fervor over Daniel Radcliffe and the fact that he is getting ready to perform *gasp* nude in a production of Equus in London. People are concerned about how it might impact the Harry Potter franchise.

Leave it to the press/media to blow things WAY out of proportion (as usual, right?) First off, the production is in London. On a stage. Unless you live IN London, there will likely not be a big impact. If you DO live in London, and you want to see the production, go for it. The only reason there is this much attention is the fact that Radcliffe is seen as the personification of the character, thanks to the movies.

Second, the target audience for the movies and the books has primarily been teenagers (with a strong second following as “family” entertainment). Equus, last time I checked, was not exactly rated “E” for Everyone.

Third, Daniel is an ACTOR. If he wants to stretch his… um, well if he wants to diversify his acting resume, so be it. How about the media leave some of the “B” list headlines under the rocks where they scavenged them from, right?

*Disclaimer: I am not saying that Radcliffe is a “B” actor, just the fact that he is choosing to perform in a production that will require some nude work, and the spectacle that it is being elevated to is a “B” grade story.

3) Productivity is a wonderful thing. I need to increase mine in my other projects. THe flip side, here, however, is that I have almost made it the to 100 post mark (woohoo!!) Not long ago, I was getting warm and fuzzy for maintaining some consistancy and making it to the whopping threshold of 50 posts. My reason for counting by posts, is that I have generally been only posting about one entry per day (during the week, but none on weekends), so by me counting “posts”, there can be a rough approximation of months that I have been actively posting.

The analytical translation: (# of posts) divided by (20) = (months posting)

I arrived at “20” being the magic number, since I generally have not posted on weekends (yet), there are about 8 days per month that are automatically eliminated, leaving about 20 to actually have posts made.

Sound geeky? Probably. In the grand scheme, that’s part of who I am. Consider me a Class A geek, compared to Wil Wheaton’s self proclaimed major league. I’m not bashing Wil, I’m just admitting that I am, indeed, a geek as well.

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What’s white, light and very scarce in Eastern North Carolina?

If you paid attention to the title of the post, you’ve already figured it out: SNOW!

Courtesy of the cold spell that has been moving through the area, we actually had a dusting of snow this morning – not enough (here) to really stick, and replaced by rain before noon, but it was nice while it lasted.

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Egad… I just realized that I did NOT post anything yesterday. I know I thought about it, and pondered what my post would be, but know that I really focus on it… I realize that about the time when I finally had an opportunity to make my post, it was time to leave for the day (ah, the joys of training new folks… imparied memories for the IMPORTANT things that I do during the day…)

Of course, thiking I had already made my posting while here, by the time I got to home later this evening (after a much needed grocery run) I only had the computer on for a few minutes…

So… here’s to my missed post, right?

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