Almost clear…

Here we are, on the 27th of the month. Another one almost clear, and another day now almost gone.

I’ve managed to find a break in my wall – I started scaling the library fence yesterday and rescued a floundering book that had been languishing on a dresser, waiting to be continued. With any luck, I hope to be able to put a short marathon together to try and finish the book in the next few days (with about 100 pages to go…)

I have also managed to chain myself to a keyboard for the last couple of days, generating over 300 words. Considering the last time I logged anything was before the local “Valentine’s Day Masacre”, a brief moment for celebration……. OK, now I have to keep chugging. I’m feeling like the current project is about one-third done, but I want to finish this one before I start another project. Also… with another NaNo project looming around the corner (ScriptFrenzy in June) and an ideal goal of a story/project per month, I have some serious mileage, er… wordage, to churn out.

Once I finish the current project, I’ll probably shelve it for a a month or so before going back to proof and revise, which I think is going to be the plan for most projects… with the shorter projects getting a little less time in the “proofing box” before coming back out for review. It’s also the shorter ones that will be the first to be sent out for solicitation and publication, too, so I want to focus on some of the shorter works for a majority of my projects. Develop and finesse some of the elements through shorter works, to refine my process for longer works.

I think I need to look for writing contests, as well. If I can get a couple of themed stories I think I can control my word count a bit better as well – and it is also a more specific (and deadline oriented!) venue than general submissions that take categorized stories.

When I progress to the submissions, though, it will be time to generate a spreadsheet/database in earnest for publishers and to track submissions. As twisted as it may sound, I actually look forward to the idea of getting a rejection letter… at least then I can say I have truly started on the path to being a writer, and probably done more than others that “want to write”!

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