New Week…

I can’t remember if I had posted this before, but I have been offered “permanent” employment. When I started back in August, there was a six month window that had to be covered – a mandatory probationary period – before completely securing the position and benefits of state employment. While everything is not official (I am waiting for the final letter that says “congratulations!” to be delivered), I have been told that the paperwork is in process to make everything official.

Personally, that is a huge weight off of my shoulders, as I have been holding off on my major plans until everything was resolved. My next step is to prep for the GRE, with the hope of admission in the Fall (or, at latest next Spring) so I can start taking advantage of the “free course” option.

There is also other news on the job front. Jenn had applied for a supervisor position back before Christmas, and fielded the interviews during January. She received a call today, offering her the position. She will be starting in the middle of March, about one-third of the way through the healing process for her leg. We are mildly concerned about the move, as we have enjoyed some flexibility in our hours and being able to ride together to work… We are not quite sure how the job changes will impact some of those, but she will still be in the same building, just down a different hall.

In other news… I am getting a little frustrated with myself for sitting on a book… I’ve been in the same one now since early January, but I am waiting to start some other novels until I finish my current read. I may just need to lock myself away for a while to churn through some pages…

In still other news… I am going to have to rethink some of my writing strategies. Either that, or get very good at outlines and long note processes. Often times, although I carry a notepad around with me, I often use it for little more than notes. “Here’s an idea” or “What if [something]” are the majority of the entries. Sometimes, when a passionate moment strikes I can scribble away and fill up the page with a core nugget for a scene or story.
My challenge lies in the fact that I do most of my actual writing while sitting at a computer. If I don’t spend time around a computer, I don’t even think about writing. I print out “progress pages” (completed draft pages for later edit & review, or as reminders for what has been done so far, to build the story forward during non-computer times.
I need to either a) start writing on a notepad and fleshing out my stories – a matter of training my body and mind to produce with that method, or b) get a(nother) laptop to carry with me for all of my writing projects. While [b] would be more fun, [a] is both more economical and more practical.

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