Friday and shaved legs

Yes, it is Friday. Unfortunately that means another day that is almost gone, but also a weekend of potential that lays ahead.

I ended up with the trainee all day yesterday, so what would have been an afternoon writing session was dashed to bits like old wooden ships off of the North Carolina coast.

My wife had her first follow up appointment today with an Orthopedist to track the progress of her broken leg. As the removed the bandages before taking her to get x-rays, we actually had our first opportunity to see the post oporation wounds – and actually the first time we had been able to see much of anything since wrapping it in the ED on the 14th.

She had two incisions – one on the interior of her leg, the other on the exterior. The interior was about four inches in length, while the exterior ran about nine inches. The incisions were stapled together – the lines looked like strings of pink caulk that staples had been put through.

“It’s a good thing I had shaved my legs the night before,” she had joked through gritted teeth while we were in the ED. “That’s good,” was one of the nurse’s reply, “since it will be the last time for about the next six to eight weeks.”

At today’s appointment, we followed up on that joke. “At least you won’t have to worry about shaving those two lines,” I jested. She responded, “Well, those are the areas I usually miss, anyway, so it works out.”

Simple things to find humor in, right?

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