Thursday, and updates…

Here we are, or Thursday, and I havbe a few updates… Admittedly, I will have MORE updates once I review my past posts about things I should write about…

Like this one: I found my flash drive, so I should be able to get some writing done today.

Or this one: A little more of the back story of the broken leg. My wife ended up having surgery on Friday, where they had to put in 2 plates, and handfull of pins, a couple of rods, and about twelve screws. The put her in a soft cast, wrapped it and (finally) got her a room in the hospital (she had stayed her first few nights in the ED).

PT, which had been planned for Saturday ended up not happening until Sunday morning. By late Sunday afternoon, we were rolling to the house. She is now experiencing the joys (yeah, right) and frustrations (a lot) of waiting for bones to heal, and having limited movement/mobility.

Now I need to log some words… with other projects already planned for me for tonight… at least I will get a chance to read (I feel bad… I’ve been stuck in the same book for almost two months… I’ve got some serious churning to do if I want to reach the 26-30 book goal for the year… ouch!)

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