The Day After…

Hello, world! (Hope that takes any [former] programmers or students back a few years… 🙂

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was good for you, and that it went better than mine. (For those that don’t practice, I hope you were able to avoid the abundant crowds that were out last night… whatever makes you happy!)

Personally, the evening started well. My wife and I left work, and I took her to a local cafe for a treat (Kid’s Rule #47: If at all possible, eat dessert first!) before heading to the barn. She had been wanting the dessert for a few weeks, so I figured I’d surprise her (which I did!). We had planned to skip “dinner out” last night, waiting until tonight for that (1 – smaller crowds, 2 – after payday!), so she had decided to make dinner for me last night (on the heels of the chocolate).

Well, after the dessert, we went to the barn to visit her horse and pasture mates. It was getting close to 6pm, so we were going to feed and blanket the horses, then head for the house (via the grocery store) for dinner.

As we were getting ready to feed – I was taking hay around to the other side of the pasture (the barn is split, where there are two run-in shelters – one on either side of the structure, each facing into a pasture. With each side is also a room, each has feed for the horses on the respective sides, but one also holds the hay, the other room stores equipment – the “tack room” for those that know horses.) to be ready for my feed routine (have the hay, then feed, blankets while they eat, then drop the hay after finishing the blankets).

I had not even crossed the space between fences when my wife starts screaming. I’m thinking that she had seen something in the hay/feed room, but when I come around, she is laying on the ground by the door. Somehow she had managed to step wrong and rolled her foot. To be more specific, she stepped REALLY wrong, and well… lets just say we spent most of the night in the Emergency Department of the hospital. As I am writing this, she is still in the ED, awaiting surgery (three breaks, and a dislocation!). Her mother stayed with her last night, as our brood was still roaming (3 dogs still outside, not yet fed, and 2 cats that were also waiting for food).

The saga has gotten more interesting, this morning. The original thought for the surgery was going to be sometime today (target of sometime this morning), but that doctor ends up being out sick, so it looks like they may end up waiting until tomorrow for surgery.

Here is the funny (twisted/ironic) side to this… last night was the first night since we were married that we were not together – and it was Valentine’s Day! It was weird to have the feeling of “quiet” in the house, and the patter-click of dogs walking around on carpet then tile floors. It was freaky, and felt unnatural – there was a momentary flicker of “so this is like part of what people go through when a spouse dies” – then I’m not looking forward to the idea way down the road.

I don’t think it’s the seperation so much that bothered me, but the fact that there was no control and no clear plan for resolving her condition. I’m sure we will be spending nights apart in the future, but I hope that there aren’t many more like these…

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