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I got 99 posts…

Now here’s another one – hit me!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little Jay-Z reference, there. It is now official. Despite missing a post yesterday (training in the afternoon, and not actually getting home until after nine o’clock last night), “EA” is now 100 posts old… which equates to about a realistic view of about 5 months of active posting.

Granted, if we want to be REALLY particular, we will have all of the candles, cake and party offerings with the NEXT post. Just like the great millenium debate, the originating post (way back in… geez, June 2004, is actually included in the current count, but is (obviously) um, a statistical outlier for continuity… so post #101 would more accurately reflect the true continuity, but that is if we really want to be PICKY!

But I tacked on another hundred words yesterday, before training for the afternoon.

Also, this story looks like it might be an interesting read… even more interesting considering the “literary roots” involved.

My wife has gotten involved with a few online services (specifically, photo hosting to reference while chatting with other “horse folk”), and with the other blogs that I have been lurking on (admitted, lurking is more of a chat and forum phrase instead of used with blogs) and seeing photo posts, I have finally been considering creating an account for some of my pics… the next part is actually sorting through pictures to have access to. or reference often…

But, time to roll… the afternoon is fleeting by, with other “special” plans for the evening.

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