"Tuesday’s Gone"…

Ah… one of the rare Skynard references that I may make…

I was training someone again yesterday afternoon, and left early. By the time that I remembered I had not done a post, I was home and well into the project of cleaning my office (finishing one project that had been started, so I could start on the NEXT pile of things to be gone through…) – consider it “pre-spring” spring cleaning (a few years overdue, but hey, I’m trying to get rid of crap that I don’t need to have now, right?)

I HAVE put a few more words down on my “Call Center” project, but not enough to mean it will be completed soon… but words have been added!

I will be training someone this morning, and will be solo (again) this afternoon… I’m going to try and add some more words before leaving early again, today.

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