Stupid people…

God bless them, but I really get frustrated and, for lack of a better word, pissed off at stupid people. I’m not talking about “challenged” individuals – I’m talking about otherwise normal, fully functioning people that are out in the daily world and just decide to wear their asses on their shoulders.

Case in point: I had a caller that I was trying to get information from, to make sure that I sent the correct notes to the doctor’s office. Anytime I asked the caller a question, I would get an “I don’t know” or “The doctor did it last year. My pharmacy told me to call my doctor.” As I kept asking questions, to make sure I fully understood the situation, and repeating what I had (in good performance and protocol) to make sure I had the documentation right, the caller would get shorter and shorter, talking over me and basically being a t-total… well, you know.

I called her out on it when she started getting extremely vocal. She said it was how I was treating her… Lady, sometimes you get what you give. Unfortunately, some people don’t always get what they may need. What she needed a swift kick in the ass… obviously she hadn’t had one in a while.

And it’s Wednesday afternoon… the rest of the week is downhill from here!

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