Can You Say…?

OK. Here is my “steam blowing” moment. You see this word: “m-o-d-u-l-e” on a piece of paper. Can you pronounce it? Module – sounding like “mah-jool”. For instance, for those gamers old enough to remember when they were published in abundance, the context would be something like, “Have you seen/gotten/heard about the new module for [insert favorite game world here]?”

When you hear “modular” what do you think about? Homes, most likely. Or something that can be easily changed around.

As I have said, I work for a call center for a medical facility – I take calls an route them to the appropriate clinic, or help people with their questions. What gets to me though, and this is my raving tangent, is the abundance of people that can spell the word off of a piece of paper, but when it comes to pronouncing the word “module” either butcher the word completely (like making it sound like “moe-duhl” or something worse) or adding an “-ar” the the end (“can ytou connect me to modular…”). It gets even more entertaining when people butcher the first half, and then add the “-ar”.

I guess our patients are not seen in an eight story, brick building that was built in the 70’s. They are seen in shiny, factory built homes that are either shipped to location assembled or assembled on site.

Just a tangent, and expression of disappointment at how low some of the education has gotten, or lazy the people have gotten – as often times it is the younger generation that butcher as badly (or worse) than any of the other callers. (I can understand older patients adding the “-ar”, a bit more than the younger crowd). And, to be perfectly clear – this is an issue that crosses gender and race… so I am not trying to profile or point fingers… I just get tired of the butchering of language every-so-often, and need to vent.

“Now, it’s time for a break down.” (cue your favorite music as we go to something more fun… šŸ™‚

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