Hey, how about this! FOUR posts in a single day!

We are all creatures of habit – from the things that we do every day, including our foods (what we eat, and from which restaurants), our clothes, and even our words that we use (right, um, like, ya’know?)

I say this as I have developed a pretty easy routine for my days (at least, it was easy until we started the new year and had some pretty aggressive training going on trying to get the two new folks in the office ready for their own desks).

My comment in an earlier post about Wil Wheaton is intentional… as cheking out WWdN is part of my routine. I pop over to his blog, and that of someone I went to school with a few years ago while I was an undergrad – he was a grad student. Of all of the other people that I had been in writing classes with, for some reason his was the only name that seemed to stick with me (weird, since the only time we ever talked was during the class, which only met one night a week…)

I also check my email (four active accounts that I check regularly, and two others that I check about once a month just to keep active. I check my bank accounts for any processed transactions, and maybe do a little surfing to check up on some news or entertainment stories. I also play the word games at USA Today (the short ones – I had been doing the crosswords and Soduku, but gave them up as I would often end up working on them for well over an hour or so (depending on call volume)).

Usually, after doing all of that, half of the morning has passed, and I settle into my chair to begin working on my stories or other projects. Lately, however, I have spent more time doing extra reading (following Wikipedia links about something I was just reading, etc.) and just getting lost, or plugging away at a few words, but only able to knock out a couple of paragraphs every few days.

My work routine has been thrown off track, and my post-work routine is more of a guideline, as each day and each week is a little bit different (read: plan something, but end up taking longer to do them it than planned, or getting side-tracked in recreational activities at the house – (just one more try at this level… well, just one more, now. Um, I know I said thirty minutes ago that was going to be my last attempt, but this will really be my last one, honest!)

But we each follow our own routines… I’ve told you most of mine, now think about yours…

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