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No particular point to the title… just Queen lyrics rolling through my head as I was getting ready to type it…

As I have been training people for the last few days, I haven’t really been able to write (while here at work)… namely holding myself back from progress on my current project. I have, for all intents and purposes, shelved my NaNo project for the time being, at least until I finish a few other projects (I want to complete my current project, and write a few short stories that I can tweak and start making rounds with…)

Which rolls back to my initial issues… first and foremost, to put it bluntly – getting off of my ass and writing! More to the point, putting fingers to keys or pen to paper and putting things down… I can’t get published without text, and GOOD text at that. Good text comes with practice – which I (unfortunatly) have a bad history/record with…

Grrrrr…. *thunk* as head hits desk

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