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I have returned to my writing project (the one that I became stalled on a week ago). I’ve added about 549 words during the day today… we’ll see if I can get anything added tonight.

But it is a return… which is more than I had written last week, so there is much rejoicing to be made there… (oh, small victories when we can force ourselves to work on projects of our own creation, right?)

Here’s my catch… I had hoped (by my original plans) to finish the project by today… and I have barely really even started… I feel like I have a LOT more to develop in the story…
However, I am keeping track of my numbers now… days I am writing, and how much I put down, so I can track my overall productivity for planning future projects (and also so I can identify habits and try to “encourage the muse”).

But now it is time to run…

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Well… I thought I had a Monday post, but apparently my personal HD seems to be struggling a bit… *sigh*

Yesterday was the usual… a long Monday, and we didn’t get home until almost 9pm. I was training someone at work yesterday, so I didn’t have much access during the usual moments of “down time” to do any of my normal extra activities.

But it’s a new day… and I have things to work on… (talk about behind in “personal project” deadlines…)

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