Thursday –

The weather has been cold and rainy – small patches of ice this morning, with temperatures rising above freezing making it feel like the winter that has been missing for a while.

The melancholy of the weather has spread into people’s attitudes, as well… people have been calling with some sour moods (as my wife can attest to). It has also rolled over to my reading today, during my down-time.

Normally, I’ve been reading other blogs, forums, or media reports, but today I ended up spending a lot of time reading about a few murder investigations – cheery reading on a cold, rainy day, right?

It has propelled a “blah” feeling that has been hanging around me all week… I haven’t read or written anything, and I have just been generally cranky.

Bring on Friday. Bring on the weekend. Bring on a change of scenery to get my but back into gear.

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