Well, it is Friday, and thankfully (sort of) it shall be a long weekend… Unfortunately, this will be the last “built in” break for quite some time… like, until Easter, so it’s time to enjoy it while I can.

After a relatively quiet, yet productive stint yesterday (just under about 300 words), I knocked out a couple of pages today (with an 1,100 word production).

I’m packing stuff up to head out of town for the weekend… hanging out with the family, as giving my wife a chance to meet some new people to play with horses.

On a “work” note – we got the “keyboard condems” today (the plastic wrap to cover the keyboards – useful to prevent damage from spills, but I’m not a big fan of them). My adjustment period is going quite well… not quite as bad as I was originally thinking, but only using a handful of keys instead of the entire keyboard makes it easier… Now, if only some of these keys would quit “double typing” on a single press, my life would be a bit easier…

Oh, well… It’s Friday, and almost time to roll. What else could be better? (from a work perspective)

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