The weekend was good – helped with some yard work, and had some folks over on Saturday night (meeting the two boyfriends for the unmarried ladies that are also in the “regular” group), so we had a pretty busy day.

Sunday was, by comparison, much quieter – I spent almost all day working in my office (converting some albums that had been recorded onto my computer) and trying to get some things cleaned up (sorting paperwork to get rid of).

This morning was blah… it was overcast and projected to rain. I was nice and toasty in my bed that I was loath to get up (but, that’s probably why Garfield hates Mondays…)

So we’re working… I’ll be leaving a bit early (skipping the “normal” lunch hour to go run some errands)… My wife and I are getting back into the routine for our Mondays – late night arrival back at the ranch…)

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