Secret Santa… and other things…

Today was our “Secret Santa” exchange at work… I had several books on my list (the Bourne titles, a couple of King titles – his anthologies). I also had CD-Rs and DVD-Rs on my list, as well as a few other items. I had been thinking, wondering, what books would be gotten, or figuring that I would likely end up with a gift card to Barnes & Nobles. However, I was secretly hoping it would NOT be the books, as I still have several at the house that have been sitting untouched for years, never having been read (yet).

Today was a happy day, for no books were received. Instead, I was graced with the presence (presents, tehehe) of a 50 ct. spindle of CD-Rs AND DVD-Rs. That was a very good thing.

On “other” things, I’m trying to expand my community, in a sense… I’m reaching (back) out to folks that I have regularly worked with or spoken with or just plain had fun with, but have not been able to keep in touch with for some time. It’s a work in progress, and I may not be able to reach everyone, but here’s to making an effort, right?

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