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D’oh! and holiday travels…

Well, here we are, having made it to Friday… and I feel like an idiot… In the scramble to get ready for travels this weekend, we still fell into what is now the usual “not quite, still need to go by the house and make the real departure later” trap that has been plaguing us for years… try as we might to be ahead of it, we still fall into that trap…

More to the point, and really the reason why I feel like a fool, is my PDA… it had been several days since I had plugged it up to charge, and I was reminded of this as it squealed one of its chimes to alert me it was on dwindling power, and begging for its nectar of life. The PDA, in the grand scheme is not really that big of a loss to my daily endeavors… but it’s the case that houses it… that holds another thing… my flash drive!

Yes, the flash drive… where I carry my writing projects and notes (the digital ones, anyway… the WIPs, between printings once a few pages are accumulated)… So I suck, today, unable to add to the existing story or expand my notes (digitally)… and I don’t have the recent pages with me for the book, so I am reluctant to try anything there unless I jump ahead quite a bit… but that’s a reluctant bridge that has been discussed before….

And I will be leaving early, so I can get some car work done before heading away for a weekend trip to the extended in-laws… after going home to pack, late, as usual.

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