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Wednesday, again…

Yes, Dear Reader, it is that dreaded “middle day” again… half of the week gone (yeah!) but still so much time yet to pass before the blessed weekend (doh!).

I did not get more words written last night, but I did accomplish a few other items… a lot of the cleaning that needed to get done towards recovering from the past weekend’s festivities was completed, as well as getting some laundry done to get ready for the coming weekend’s travels.

I was also able to get past the “drifting” level (after about an hour of trying), and went through a few other levels as well before calling it a night. Here, however, is a funny story about getting through the drifting level…

If I hadn’t mentioned before, the game is Need for Speed: Underground, and it is level 11 or 12 that was giving me trouble. The game has its own soundtrack, mostly of R&B, hard rock and Krunk, and it normally works fine, but for some reason I was never able to finish better than second, but mostly 3rd or 4th, and you must place 1st in order to advance.

I had put on my iPod shuffle and had been doing some of the cleaning as mentioned before, and happened to go back to the game after finishing, but still wearing the shuffle. The shuffle is still stocked with music from the trip to New York, and has a wide range of styles (Ozzy, Van Halen, James Taylor, Bowling for Soup, Chicago soundtrack, and Rush are but a scant few of the items on the shuffle, not to mention the library of songs that I have access to.) The point of humor here involves knowing the wide selection that is in the library… During the run that finally got me past the drifting level, the song that was playing on the shuffle was John Denver’s Country Boy. I thought it was funny, anyway…

Time to see if I can log some more words, and maybe come close to matching yesterday’s count!


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