I’ve posted another 200 words, with plenty of time before closing up for the night, later… but my key thing is that I have:
1) made some progress,
2) matched a word count (to help build consistency), and
3) gone another day towards building up the habit of regular writing on a project.

It’s not much (at only 200 words), but like I did with this blog – make a point of doing SOMETHING on a consistent basis, and a habit begins to develop. With a developed habit, there (eventually) comes and increase in productivity, and with an increase in productivity comes the inevitable – completion of projects!

There are a couple of items that are in planning stage (which, by the way, is the original plan for December, anyway – planning these two projects). Since the goal is to increase productivity and activate the dormant juices that have been gasping for air for the last several years, I don’t mind splitting a little bit between a few projects – a larger longer running one, and a few (by concept) shorter ideas. I know it is a bit dangerous to spread myself out over a couple of projects, but while I was focusing on the novel (rightly so during NaNoMo), my blogging seemed to flow a bit better. My though (as warped as it may be) is that I can try to shift gears – when one car gets stuck in the mud, drive a different car, and eventually the mud dries enough for the first car to be driven again.

Eh, we’ll see…

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