The Agony of Mondays…

You know it’s the rumor mill… the stuff urban legends have been made of: Modays. That’s right, Mondays! Garfield has been expressing his dislike for the singular day of the week for some twenty years now, and everyone around the proverbial watercooler can be heard dreading Monday by 8am (and the day is just starting).

Well, today I am no different, and for very good reason. My wife and I went to a Natural Horsemanship seminar this past weekend (she’s into horses, and I’m the “show husband” – read, I’ll shovel manure and do the groundwork, but I’m not ready to ride yet, as much as she would like to convert me!) While we had fun at the event, our seats on Saturday were borderline terrible based on the placement of the show ring – we were constantly having to crane our necks to the left to be able to watch the demos, etc.

Sunday, however was when all of the fun really started. I woke up that morning with a terrible pain on the left side of my back along the spine and leading up to the neck. I had to be creative to actually get out of bed – finding an angle that I could roll to to place minimal strain on the sore areas (as an example of how sore things were, while we were driving to the venue we stopped off for breakfast. While eating in the car, it was an effort to swallow – the tendons along the back left of the neck would explode for a moment ad food moved into and through the top of the esophogas. I didn’t tell my wife until the end of the night about that, though.) Coming into Monday, there was still a great deal of stiffness this morning, but not nearly the magnitude from yesterday.

All of that aside, the clinic itself was fun (I was a little out of place not being THAT into horses, but I went for my wife… and something like that clinic would be how I would be able to spend more time with her and grow towards them), and something I would not mind going to again.

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