What happened to Tuesday…?

I’ll tell you… here, it flew by: steady streams of calls in the morning, slowly tapering down going into lunch. Then there was lunch – a whole other world (read: fiasco) unto itself…

Here’s the lunch details: I’ve been going to lunch at 12 since I started here (back in August). We recently lost someone from the office (right before I went to New York)… All told, including yesterday, it has been eight (8) work days that everyone has been here since losing the other person. Shortly after I started “free-roaming” (taking calls on my own) there was a discussion about lunch times, and there were two that stated they preferred lunch at 1pm, and one person that took lunch at 11am (and nobody else seemed interested in tht slot anyway). Which left me (and by default, the now missing person) in the 12 o’clock jump.

Short version: apparently, I have been out of some loops… it turns out that one of the 1 o’clock people decided they wanted to go at 12 as their preferred lunch slot and had “switched” with the now missing person… I have continued going to lunch at 12 (on the 8 days that we have all been here) – and on most of those days there has been conversation about lunch plans (generally, since we are running a bit short someone opts to “take a late lunch” and leave at 4). Since my wife is in the same building, there is usually no benefit to me leaving early…

I digress – here is the really short version: I didn’t know that the lunch preferences had been switched. The person grumbled about it (at 12 as I was getting ready to go), and I had to turn tables around. I knew they had switched a few days, but was unaware that it became a permanent thing. In the grand scheme, both of us were at fault (that lovely “assume” word), but I had been operating on what had been the existing conditions. If there is no communication, nobody wins.

So, that was my vent during lunch (it gave me a headache, then), but the rest of the day went about normally – taking calls and answering questions. My wife and I (eventually) went home, and while she wasn’t feeling well and slept early (around 6:30pm) while I rearranged the kitchen (incorporating some “early” Christmas presents from my mother and step-father). I eventually called it a night and went to bed around 11:30, but watched a little tv until about midnight before really zoning out.

So, that was yesterday… we’ll see what today brings.

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