Well, the day is moving along steadily… no issues with lunch today as the “other 12 o’clock” person actually called out sick. (Of course, that means that there has been a lot more calls for each of us that are here… wahoo, right!?!)

I have pretty much chalked up NaNoWriMo this year to nice thought, good start, good starting effort, but poor planning and weak follow through when I was not able to push as many words at work. (Yes, I know that TECHNICALLY there is still one day left, but I highly doubt that, even getting no sleep and not working tomorrow that I would be able to make 50k words, as I am still looming down at the 4,000 word range).

So, here is the reevaluation of things, and my plan for future progress: The NaNoWriMo pace is 1,667 words a day. My new target is to aim for a regular output of around 1,000 words a day. However, those words need to be USEFUL words (in other words – actually building a story – notes do not count, and blog entries do not count), while working on a project. If I am “between projects”, then the goal of 1,000 words still stands, I just need to be creative about things (using writing prompts and exercises) to keep juices flowing.

I do plan on participating next year, and hopefully spending time generating text will set me up with some chops to plow through the increased numbers (maybe I can establish some routines and be able to hole myself away a bit more often, without some of the trips to help through off my numbers).

But I have a list of things for today (split – some for while I am here at work, and some for while I am home tonight). So far, I have most that list completed… A little bit of progress, there. Also, a little progress each day (they say it’s 21 days to make/break a habit) with the writing will be a good thing. I revisited and rekindled this, with the intention of making the habit of entries and writing something… and at two months later, that appears to be a habit that is taking hold. Here’s the funny part – I go through the day and think, “Maybe I should write (blog) about this,” and I tend to feel guilty when I haven’t written an entry on the normal schedule (M-F, so far… maybe I’ll add the weekends, but I cannot maek promises as weekend travels may limit ISP access). A little bit of progress each day, and a mountain of scenes and ideas will be gerated. A little each day, and I can send manuscripts to potential publishers.

Three cheers for progress…

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