Gobble, Gobble…

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we have entered the oft maligned “Holiday rush.” Radio stations here have been playing Christmas music since last Tuesday (23 Nov), and decorations were being put up over the weekend.

I’m not (entirely) a hum-bug. I like Christmas (and, for the record while I respect those who practice different faiths and their respective holidays, it is Christmas… as the holiday as we know it was created as a means for the early church to help in converting pagans – note how it falls in line with the Winter Solstice, which was a time for celebration among pagan cultures), and thoroughly enjoy celebrating with my family, it does bother me a bit that everything Christmas themed is starting before Thanksgiving (geez, I mean, even Wal-Mart had Christmas candy out 2-3 weeks ago).

Another point of frustration – I remember all of the holiday specials that used to come on (regular tv – ABC, NBC or CBS) when I was a kid, but they would all be within a week or two before Christmas. Now, unless you rabidly watch the television listings, one is more likely to miss the “good” specials, unless they have a selective cable channel that runs nothing but Christmas shows.

Thanksgiving is past, Christmas is under a month a way with 2007 looming at just over a month… in the meantime, we have become reduced to grovelling at the altars of corporate retailers and spending way more than we earn over the next few weeks to pamper our loved ones with gifts… Unless, of course, you are like me and my wife – we’ve already completed most of our shopping and only have a few items left to get… maybe next year we might even finish shopping before Thanksgiving. Of course, there is also some prime ocean front real estate in Montana that may be available, if you’re interested.

Yes, today was random… and also busy at work. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and that you are closer to being in the black than in the red for your holiday spending…

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