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What a day…

After several attempts during the day yesterday, I scratched any hope for an entry. Whenever I attempted to access the site to post, I could only receive an error message. Oh, well…

Today continues another trend that started developing yesterday – bad weather! It has been getting chilly as a front has been moving through, but it began raining last night (and as of 8am today is still going steadily).

What make it even more interesting is the office if located near an interior corner, and the wind has been howling since yesterday (to be more accurate, and for a better understanding: Imagine a storm sweeping around you – you are safe inside your home or place of work – but you can hear it outside. Strong winds are blowing so that any rain that may be falling is not falling down, but across, and you feel as if you have to lean into the wind to avoid being blown over. You want to use an umbrella, but you feel that as you open it you are likely to have to struggle with the device as you hear a loud “thwomp” as the wind blows the umbrella inside out.)

So that is how the day is starting, and likely how it may end… a wonderfull start to what is considered a holiday weekend.

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