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Another Monday..

Here at work it is another busy Monday – busier than most, probably due to the nature of the week (short due to Thanksgiving). As far as work is concerned, I am actually rather excited… this is actually the first time in several years that I have not had to (or felt compelled and/or obliged to) spend time working on Thanksgiving… but I also get the following day off (without having to ask for it!)

On the writing front, there has been no significant (read: none, period) change in my NaNoWriMo word count. I’m feeling bummed out about my faroy into the project (much less output than I was anticipating), and I am thinking that I may just need to “skip ahead” in the story line a bit to jump start the engines… Not too much, mind you, but just enough to be past my curent sticking point (get into some of the action, then fill in the background details to lead into the landing from the “jump point”)…

But a slew of intermittent calls beckon, and only a short time before the end of the work day…


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