New York Trip – Day 3

Sunday. Again we were up around 8am for breakfast on the 39th floor, and we were hitting the streets by 9am. Today it was south-bound – we caught a taxi to Chinatown (where, amazingly enough, the city that never sleeps was asleep). We explored a little, but since most shops were closed we made our way to “ground zero” where we lingered, visiting the church across the street as well before going down to Battery Park. (Note: I have never seen the towers – my first trip to NYC was in 2002, after the towers were gone; my wife and sister-in-law were last there in 2000, so this was a weird moment for them.)

While walking to Battery Park (Note: the new home for the globe that used to be in front of the WTC), we only had a few calls lingering after us (“Watches, watches,” and “Handbags, Handbags”). Maybe it was the fact it was still pretty early on a Sunday, or maybe it was the fact the weather was overcast and supposed to bad later in the day… regardless, it was nice to not have all of the active peddlers around.

We hung out in Battery Park for a little while, waiting on the ferry to come back – we had decided to make a trip to Ellis Island. While I had an interest in exploring Liberty island (home of the Statue), we did have some time constraints to consider – it was just after 12 when we got to Ellis island, and our show was at 4pm.

We explored the island a little – mostly spending time finding the names of ancestors (my wife’s family had someone that came through Ellis… I may have too, but I’m not sure at which point or what their name would have been). I personally would have liked to explore the other side of the island and those buildings (instead of just the Welcome Center) – but I’m just weird like that, I like exploring buildings and wondering what things were like (hmmm… story idea seems to be there).

We caught a ferry back to the Battery and hailed a cab for Radio City. It was just a little past 2pm when we arrived by Radio City. Just after getting out of the cab, the rain began to fall. We ducked under some awnings and made our way to an underground plaza by the rink at Rockefeller for a meal before the show. Three of us went safe with personal pizzas, while the fourth went with a pasta dish. The pasta, which was supposed to be baked ziti, was dry and could only be eaten by adding ketchup to make it palletable (we eventually got a refund on that order). It was back up to street level and across the street to see the show. It was about twenty past three, and the show was scheduled for 4pm. We hung out in the lobby for a little while before making our way to the 3rd Floor (the only thing behind us was the wall – we were in the LAST row of seats).

The show was great – really helped to get ready for the Christmas season, and was followed by a dinner at a Mexican restaurant off of Times Square. While my wife and her grandmother took a taxi back to the hotel, my sister-in-law and I walked the rest of the way back, stopping in at Macey’s and a couple of other stores for some last chance shopping before returning to the hotel and packing for the return trip.

We called it a (relatively) early night, going to bed by 9pm (the other nights had been closer to 10pm), and braced to be up around 4:30 the next morning).

Then there was the “Monorail” Monday…

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