New York Trip – Day 2

Saturday. We were up about 8am and went to the 39th floor (from our great corner room-with-a-view on the 33rd) for breakfast. By 9am we were on the street heading for a shoe store (my wife’s grandmother needed a pair of shoes that would be better for her two broken toes than the ones she had been wearing the previous day). While waiting for a shop to open, we encountered a group that was up from Washington, North Carolina on a day trip for shopping.

After a new set of tires, we took a taxi up to Central Park on a quest for the Central Park Carousel. After exploring the park we eventually found the carousel (ironically, when we had gotten to the “gift shop” we turned to our left and explored, eventually coming back to the shop after it had opened – if we had turned to our right and passed under a small bridge, we would have been at the carousel. Funny, eh?) While in the park, we hung out in the Zoo before going to lunch.

While walking down the street, we all got “Dirty Water Dogs” (hot dogs from the street carts) as our snack after watching the end of a Veteran’s Day parade. We hung out in front of FAO Schwartz while finishing our food, and I made the rounds in the Apple store before we entered FAO Schwartz (personal note… Now that the Apple platform has an OS Emulator [that happens to run Windows], and can be pretty well cross-compatable for files, I think I am more inclined to convert for a future computer purchase – and I used to be vehemently anti-Mac for personal use!).

I had a blast at FAO, and could have EASILY spent too much money there – between classic toys and some of my personal favorites (Legos are good for all ages – they had statues of Darth Vader, Hagrid and Batman all built with legos – cool!) Meanwhile, a crowd was massing outside and on the street – apparently the PM or other major political figure from Pakistan was in town and wanting to get a gift from a store across from FAO. (Here is the humor in the scenario – a major political figure from Pakistan [the second most populous Muslim country according to Wikipedia] was shopping in a Jewish owned store. Wonder if he knew that?)

We continued back towards the hotel, stopping at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a little while. We had dinner at another “Irish” pub (Irish in theme, but no one working there was Irish) that was just up the street from the hotel. We ordered some cheesecake for desert, but alas they had run out. So, someone ran across the street to buy another cheesecake from the bakery (only in New York can that happen).

After dinner, we went to that bakery and scouted out the goods. After finding out that they open at 4am, we planned to visit before catching the train on Monday (as it was just up from Penn Station), then returned to the hotel.

My wife’s grandmother wanted us to go see the Rockettes at Radio City, but tickets were being quoted at $89 per. Jenn and I went over to the Madison Square Garden box office to see about any other prices, and were able to get four tickets for $40 each for a Sunday show. We went back to the hotel, cleaned up after a long day of walking the island, and called it a night.

Then came Southbound Seafaring Sunday…

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