New York Trip – Day 1 (The Arrival)

As I alluded to on Thursday – it was a long evening. We went to the house and finished cleaning and packing for the trip… trying to make sure that there would be a minimal amount of things to do upon our return.

We drove to the train station and arrived around midnight – allowing plenty of time in case we had trouble finding it – and commenced with the sitting (the original departure time was supposed to be 1:43am – the actual departure time was around 2:20am). I logged several pages of reading, but was too aggitated to try and write – consider it the Hollywood-instilled paranoia of strange things happening in train stations late at night.

We finally got on the train and my wife and I ended up at the front-most seats in the car, where our car later was treated as the bastard car – the porters would flip a switch to lock the front door open, allowing passengers to leave easier, but would inevitably leave the switch “off” so the door would be stuck open (letting all of the cold air come whipping into the front seats). Most of the trip up was filled with intermittent sleeping until about 8am, and then there was some moments of reading added to the rotation.

After our arrival at Penn Station, we claimed out checked luggage and went around the corner to the hotel. Still too early to check in (it was just after 11, and most hotels don’t start check-ins until 3pm), we checked our bags into their luggage storage room, and hit the town. We went to lunch at an Irish pub a few blocks from the hotel, and stopped by Macey’s for a little while before returning to the hotel. It was still a little early (only about 2pm) and our room was still not ready. however, the desk clerk did what most other good clerks would do – break a room block to get people into a room (my wife and I both worked in hotels, and we have done it many times). Despite some nice weather, we ended up going to the room and settling in for a nap (train sleep is like airplane sleep – it does ok, but doesn’t really recharge the way real sleep does). Later Friday night, we got a pizza from a place just down from the hotel (Italian owned, NY style pizza… good stuff), and planned our events for the next day before calling it a night. I stayed awake a bit longer, watching an episode of “Man vs. Wild” (the setting was Utah’s Moab desert) before calling it a night.

Saturday was a day of walking…

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