Start Spreading the News…

Well… the trip to New York was fun and theraputic – and quite a workout, too (nothing like walking from Radio City/Rockafeller Plaza down to Madison Square Garden, eh?) Plenty of pictures & miniature moves to help with the documentation of the trip.

However, in all of that fun and excitement, there was very little written towards the novel… the train ride up was mostly a “graveyard express” (we didn’t leave the station until after 2am), and I was in no mental state to write anything intelligent until we were almost at Penn Station. After being “out and about” all day (from about 8am until about 7-8pm), the other people in the room seemed less than enthusiastic about the idea of staying up too much longer – and I didn’t really feel like leaving the room after walking all day.

On top of that, I return from NYC to internet issues – My router was intermittent to begin with (and I generally have not had a problem with its hiccups), but it appears to have given up its ghost Monday night – I’m not sure if it overheated, or if there are other issues at play, but my modem showed activity, but nothing was actually connecting… makes for a bummer time when there are projects to work on and music to stream and there is not a working connection.

Just another day… If I get around to it (namely – if I plan the time for it), I’ll post a write-up of the trip and its highlights in the next few day.

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