Day 2 Totals…

After two days of writing, looks like my totals are going to require some extra effort on the home front. Here are the totals, so far.

Thursday’s Word count: 1420 words. Total word count: 3659 words.

What this means: After two days, I’m slightly ahead of the average pace (~1667 words per day) – which really is not too bad since I am doing most of the writing at work, in between phone calls. However, I have not been to structured at home for writing, and if I don’t focus my time, I will end up behind in the writing.

I find myself having to fight the “edit as I go” philosophy and just get words on the page. Often times, I am going back and adding words to help flesh and clarify the text, but it’s only slowly growing the story instead of making significant advances. There’s my other problem I just noticed… constantly reselecting words as I go (which means retyping a lot with very little changes in the word count).

*sigh* A great way to learn some of writing’s life lessons, I guess.

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