The weekend is upon us, and with the coming of the weekend comes the ever looming deadline of NaNoWriMo – the fun starts on Wednesday!

Here we are on the last weekend before the event, and my outline is not completed yet (as I’ve mentioned before, no big deal… I think I have enough to get me well into the month before I am overly concerned about running out of the outline notes). My only disappointment, in myself anyway, is that I wanted to have the “background” story written before NaNoWriMo, just to have it done (as a possible long prologue, or independent story). That has not happened yet (but wait, I still have four full days ahead of me – two of which are the weekend!).

So I look forward to this weekend as my “last fling” before pounding keys for a month, and I still have a few other notes to make (I hear that actual character names are good things to have, instead of vague references like “Primary” as I’ve been using in my notes) before I can really go to town in November.

Here’s to hoping for a fun filled, action packed weekend that should have my fingers getting a lot of exercise by the time Monday rolls in.

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