Lost nights…

Hopefully the last in this thread for a while… I take a brief look at lost television – mostly from Prime Time. There are lots of series that I grew up with – the Cosby Show and Full House (didn’t we all), as well as Growing Pains and Murder She Wrote (did you know they are actually doing a book line for MSW now?). All of those are classics (now) that ran for several years and are readily available (somewhere) on DVD. But what about the more inventive shows, creative ones that just couldn’t find their niche or right time slot so they were lost.

With the internet, shows can be swapped and downloaded, but what about shows from the 80’s (or before) when there was no YouTube or KaZaa/ShareZaa, etc?

I remember watching Supercarrier (a Top Gun influenced show that ran for 8 shows); and The Wizard (a one season show about a toy inventor). There was also Misfits of Science (a bit of a take on the X-Men theme). There was Silk Stalkings (run on USA for several years – a spin on Miami Vice and Moonlighting), and Hunter; The Enforcer, Major Dad and My Two Dads. Remington Steele and Amazing Stories, Airwolf and China Beach; KNIGHT Rider and Riptide were also some of the shows that were watched.
There Was Alice and the A-Team, Bosom Buddies, Benson, Barney Miller, Crazy Like a Fox, Cagney and Lacey, Fact of Life, Fame, Fall Gy, Fantasy Island, Great American Hero; The Hogan Family and Hotel, Jake and the Fatman, Just the 10 of Us, kate and Allie. The Cavenaugh’s, Sledgehammer, Private Benjamin, One Day at a Time, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Simon and Simon, Wiseguy and Young Riders would also be contenders for viewing time.

I guess a lot of the selections were influenced by my father (mostly the drama/mystery shows), and as I get older I can’t halp but remeber my father as I think of some of those shows.

It sounds almost trite, but they don’t really make too many shows like that now. Everything tends to be series based ensemble casts (CSI, Law & Order) that there are few “small cast” plot shows.

Maybe it’s time for a renaissance. Maybe dad would enjoy a new show. Hmmm…

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